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Artene was a member of the scouts when he was younger, eventually becoming a leader at 20 where he has been helping them ever since. Running a scout group, Artene is responsible for taking the children to international exchange programmes in America with groups of up to 30 children, whilst also taking on responsibility for creating fundraising schemes for the tickets and travel.

In addition to running his own campsite in Brimdown, he has been providing building services to various scout units nationally, donating time to maintain the buildings and give construction services as needed. The Brimsdown campsite after having remained derelict for a long time, with parts of the hut that hadn’t been touched in six decades, was brought back to use getting renovated by Artene, who took a month off of work to dedicate to the site. Having been provided some building materials by Selco, a number of improvements have now taken place, including roof renovation, guttering, painting, insulation, electrics, flooring and work to the kitchen. The building is now in extensive use by scout groups in the North London area.


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