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Location: Brome Grange Hotel, Suffolk

IntSol Construction was requested to carry out the refurbishment of the Brome Grange Hotel. This work needed to be made to the hotel in a short timeframe, as there were visitors booked to stay at the accommodation. IntSol Construction’s services included an overhauling of the building landscaping, implementation of electrics and plumbing throughout the hotel, as well as as well as general upgrade and maintenance, and tasks such as bringing in set packs with headboards and other furniture, and installing these into the walls. 


The clients and everyone that sees it loves what has been done with the space. Clients now use the room more than they used to; having previously been using a different room, they now use this one as their main space.

Project Images

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Reception area

The reception space is open with unique panels and high-quality finishing.

Front entrance

The entrance to our reception has been modernised, adding a unique feature to the building.


Our bedrooms are newly renovated, clean and cosy for the perfect night sleep.