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Location: Leyton

This project was completed in a 9 month timeframe. IntSol Construction was requested to complete a single story wraparound new build, with a full renovation of the bottom-floor shop and the creation of two flats. This entailed a full rip out back to bricks, which required us to go through intensive planning. We completed this job in two phases as requested, and this allowed the client to prepare for different amounts of work and costs according to their convenience. The second part of the job was an upstairs side extension and landscaping, with provisions for when a loft conversion is to be done in the future. 

We conducted an extensive provision of services and trades, including foundations, carpentry, blockwork, brickwork, electricals, plumbing, the installation of fire escapes and alarm systems, as well as solar panels. We carried out all of the building and cladding, and also implemented an aesthetic and practical living roof. 

Due to the building being on a busy high road, there was very restricted access for deliveries and rubbish removal, so the logistics had to be much tighter and planned well ahead of time.


The clients were very happy with the results of the project having been well-informed and communicated with throughout, they now have tenants in there that love the place and the unique additions.

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We done a back to bricks renovation, which required extensive planning

New build

We created the structural grounding of the project, on a high street location