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Location: Woodford

The timeframe for this project was 6 weeks. The client requested us to build a small structure to be used as a BBQ house at the end of their garden. This project was a full general build needing a variety of services, including roofing, plumbing, windows, painting, TV installation, BBQ set-up as well as landscaping. We provided slab foundations rather than deep foundations because of the proximity of the structure to the forest, helping to protect the natural surrounding environment. Due to the location, we had very restricted access and everything had to be carried through by hand, which we successfully carried out.


The feedback we received from the client is that they love it, that it has added a new dimension to their property, and they now spend most of their leisure time in the BBQ house. 

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Landscaping was included in this project, placing slab foundations in the patio to the structure

BBQ setup

We were able to set up the BBQ and according worktops in the structure

Bar area

We also fitted a bar and shelving unit to add a luxurious style to the inside of the structure